Recent Reviews

I did Laura Fredrick's 30 Day ‘Money Wellness’ program and it has totally changed how I deal with money. I now understand the emotional side of money and it has made a big difference in my personal finances! I also like the walking programs from Kathy Smith. I've been using them a lot and dropped 5 pounds in just a month. So both my wallet and my waistline thank you!
Judy Rose
Los Angeles, Ca
If I had done Christine Luken's "Mindful Money Management: Budgeting' program ten years ago, I would have avoided a bankruptcy and failed marriage. But better late than never. It's really helped me get a handle on how I save and spend money. And it wasn't a preachy or dull. I used to hate the idea of budgeting. Now I know it can be one of your best friends. Thanks Christine!
Barbara Lucas
Tampa, Fl
I was totally stressed out about money after getting laid off last year and having a hard time finding work. My friend told me to try Shawn Quinlivan's 'Reduce Money Stressors' program. It not only reduced my money worries and helped me get a decent night's sleep again, it calmed me down so that I was able to find and get a new, really good job. Thanks Shawn!!
Hal Thomas
St. Louis, Mo
I love the programs in the Money Wellness Room. They've really helped me deal with money in a smarter way. Then I started checking out other programs and got totally hooked on some of the exercise collections. Love, love, love Jeff Galloway's running programs. And Adrienne Reed's yoga routines are great, too!
Sandy Ward
Birmingham, Al
My family was spending way too much money on groceries and on eating out. So I did Christine Lukens 14 day 'Mindful Meal Planning' program and it has totally changed how I approach weekly food planning. It's saved me time, money and taken all that stress out of what do you do at the last minute when it's 6pm and the kids are hungry.
Alice Winters
Spokane, Wa
If you find yourself constantly arguing with your spouse over money issues, the Money Wellness Room will be a breathe of fresh air. I learned so much by doing Laura Fredricks' and Christine Luken's programs. Things are so much calmer in my home than they have been in years. My husband and I hardly every fight about money anymore and we even do a weekly touch base to make sure we stay on track.
Christie Davenport
Grand Rapids, Mi